Covid and the new season

Planning for a ‘new normal’ Winter Service Delivery?

Our new normal: Hire a Western

Whilst we hope for Vaccines and avoidance of a second peak, we know our Customers are re-evaluating, reimagining and reforming their Service Delivery.

To help confront these challenges, we are adding a Hire Fleet, including the Stainless Steel Striker for 3.5t fleets, the Pro Flo 525 Tailgate Model for Pick ups, and the Pedestrian Brine/ Liquid De-Icer Sprayer

We hope this will help our Western Users reduce early season vulnerabilities, be more resilient to shocks that may yet confront us, and maximise opportunities for their businesses.

We also hope to provide options for those customers who are near the end of their service contracts, and those who are having to meet new challenges such as the new #cycleways and extended pathways.

Hire, Finance or Purchase a Western Unit, you get all the great benefits of being a Western User: Delivery undertaken by us, so we can provide toolbox talks with your team; provision of advice and guidance from our experienced and qualified team, and our fantastic in season support.

We now operate a “NO TOUCH’ delivery system for Western Products to ensure your and our teams’ safety.



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