Western units are now Compatible with Exactrak! Exactrak are the UK’s leading specialists in real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring solutions For more than 25 years Exactrak have been specialising in the design of real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring systems. A combination of vehicle navigation and cloud-based tracking and monitoring software allows users to view vehicle activity, amend vehicle routes and plan resources such as fuel and winter salt. Exactrak is the monitoring system of choice for most of the UK's Highways Teams for Winter Service Delivery. Users will now be able to add their off route spreading delivery by their Western Units to their audit systems. But it doesn't stop there! With the Western Striker and it's proven role with Salt Bin Servicing, you can link to the Exactrak Salt Bin program, and link your servicing activities so you know which Bins are serviced and build a history to identify under used assets with a view to remove or redeploy bins. This can link to your 'on demand' refilling process to further reduce costs. Speak to the team to hear how this is currently deployed by Highways Teams!

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