Managing Salt Bins on the Network with the Western Striker and Exactrak - easier for Operators to fill the bins and easier for Managers to audit refill programs, and hence identify under used / regularly damaged bins to enable reduction / redeployment of the stock. As older, particular Makes/ models of bins reach the end of life and start failing, Managers can identify how many of those assets are on the network, to facilitate proactive replacement programs. We now ensure those damaged bins are diverted from Landfill, being cut up and recycled via a Waste Recycling Company using sustainable processes for the recycling and re-use of waste plastic materials. So the next time you use a Recycled Plastic Water Bottle - it may have once been a highways Salt Bin that was lucky enough to be looked after by a Western Striker and Exactrak! Contact us for further info or to arrange a demo at your depot

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