Salt Bin Recycling Project - how it worked for us!

This started out as a refilling/ replacing bin task, but as the recovered, damaged, bins built up, disposal became an issue.

Filling Bins the easy way

With over 30 bins recovered over a short period of time, and with potentially only two old bins to a cubic metre of skip space, as well as 'feeling wrong' it was a huge financial expense to pass on the the client. Particularly as there were a lot more bins to recover!

We identified a Plastics Recyclying Company and took samples of our recovered bins to them.

They agreed to recycle all the bins subject to a Service level Agreement that ensured:

  • All bins were washed off to remove as much salt/ residues as possible
  • Bins were cut up into flat sections
  • Metal hasps, reinforcing rods and hinges were removed

That may sound onerous, but with access to decent washdowns and a battery powered hand saw, it didnt take long: With the current cost of skips, we believe, for us, this is probably a cost neutral process.


Salt bins are now despatched in batches for recycling - usually dictated by the space avaialble at the recyclers, but even 30 bins, when cut down, don't take up much space.

We know that as well as Recycling Companies, some salt bin manufacturers will take back damaged bins for recycling.

The recycled product can be used in black bins, so we now only supply black lidded bins to our clients - retaining yellow bodies for high visability on the network and black lids to introduce recycled material. To date these have been unversallly accepted. 


If you have any questions or require any assistance in recycling your salt bins, please message us at info@winterserviceoperations.co.uk 

And if you have any suggestions to improve this project, we'd love to hear from you!







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