Considering adding liquids to your Winter Service Operations?

It's time to try out the Western Pedestrian Sprayer.

With a 45 litre capacity this battery operated Sprayer is a great way introduce liquids into your Winter Service delivery.

We achieved a consistent spread of 22ml/SqM (see boring bit below)

With a 1.2m spray width, and hand lance for doorways and steps, the battery unit is able to deliver ten 45 litre fills on a single charge.

If you want an efficient but economical entry into liquid spraying or need to use liquids to service low trafficking Cycle/ Pedestrian networks, contact us for an on site demo

All Western Units include two year warranties, toolbox talks on delivery, in season support and we will have a small number of these units on our Hire Fleet

(The boring bit: Core spread width was 1.2m. so at a comfortable 3.5mph walking pace, (Mph divided by 2.237 to give m/s - 1.5m/s), the sprayer covered 1.2m (width) by 1.5m (distance) per second = coverage of 1.8Sq/m per second. The unit's spray produced 40ml per second, confirmed by repeated measured time (30 Sec) samples and volume (5 litre) samples. So, 40ml /sec divided by the 1.8Sq/M provided the 22ml/SqM)

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