Available until 17th May 2019 to UK based Customers

The End of Season – Trade up to a Western Event allows customers to trade in their old Winter Service Equipment, any brand, any model, against a new Western Unit, so they can hit the ground running at the beginning of next season.

The Units available under this offer are: The Western Striker -1200 litre Electric Stainless Steel Hopper. The Western Pro Flo 525 Tailgate Spreader The Western WB100-B Pedestrian Spreader

The discounts are Up to £750 Trade in allowance against the Western Striker Up to £300 Trade in Allowance against the Western Pro Flo 525 Up to £40 Trade in Allowance against the Western Pedestrian WB100-B Spreader

To achieve the maximum discount the trade in product needs to be ‘complete’, i.e Spreader/ Controller/Wiring loom. Reduced Trade in values are detailed below for incomplete units. We really don’t mind how poor condition your trade in is – we won’t judge! Lets face it, we are expecting poor conditioned kit – or it would be on Ebay!

With all deals, especially ones this good, there are restrictions, detailed in our Terms and Conditions – however, just because you might pay a discounted price, you will still get all the benefits of owning a Western Product – Two year warranty, free delivery, free toolbox talks and free customer support.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Offer is managed by Integrity Enterprises Ltd, the UK Distributor of Western Products, and is only available to UK based Customers.
  • This offer will finish on 17th May 2019, however Integrity Enterprises Ltd reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time
  • The maximum discount is achieved when complete units are Traded In – typically Hopper, Control unit and Wiring Looms.
  • Reduced Trade in allowances are available for incomplete units as detailed below:
  • Trade in Rates:

Trade In Complete Hopper Hopper/Controller/Loom

Striker £750

Pro Flo 525 £300

WB100-B £40

Hopper plus one element I.e. Controller or Loom

Striker £550

Pro Flo 525 £215

WB100-B £40

Hopper Only

Striker £400

Pro Flo 525 £165

WB100-B £40

  • The Discount is applied to the Gross Price, i.e. Including VAT, charged at the applicable rate at the time of transaction.
  • The discount is applied to the current list price of the Western Unit.
  • In the event of this offer being over subscribed and there being significant currency fluctuations and significant logistical cost increases impacting unit prices prior to delivery, we will provide you an option to withdraw from the offer.
  • We reserve the right not to accept trade in units – we don’t want a 9cuM Hook loader rusty steel hopper -in these circumstances we will attempt to agree an appropriate discount.
  • Integrity Enterprises Ltd are the final arbitrator in any disputes or challenges arising from this offer.

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